Wendy’s Weekend Ramblings: Library Loans

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It’s time for Wendy’s Weekend Ramblings! This is my feature where I will be discussing a variety of topics that may or may not be book related. Why? Because sometimes I come across a topic I want to ramble on about and you, my lucky readers, get to partake in the fun of reading about it! You guys are welcome to chime in with what you think of my rambling topic of choice!

This week’s topic:

Library Loan Lengths

Okay, if you’re like me, you have a book buying problem. It doesn’t matter that your TBR list is a few football fields long, you have this perpetual want/need to BUY ALL THE BOOKS. Unfortunately, I don’t have the means to fund this rock-and-roll lifestyle so I like getting books from the library. I usually tend to get ones there that I’m not sure I’ll like or just when I really can’t buy anymore but still want a particular book to read. However, my book buying problem also extends into library book hoarding. Currently I have a bunch of library books I haven’t had time to get to yet so I keep having to renew them.

Which brings me to the main point of this weekend’s topic. Because as I was renewing some of them, I realized, why have I had to do it so frequently? Why is the loan length SO SHORT?!

If I remember correctly, my old library back home had a loan period of a few weeks. Seriously. I swear. At least a few weeks.

The library here? 10 days. That’s the loan time they give you. And it’s making me angry! When I have multiple books checked out, plus ones of my own I’m reading, I’m constantly renewing! And if there’s a wait list for a certain book? They don’t let you renew. (Which makes sense I guess, but I wouldn’t be quite so upset about this if the loan time wasn’t 10 days!)

Am I being irrationally upset about this? What is the loan time for your library? Is my library nuts or is this normal?

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9 responses to “Wendy’s Weekend Ramblings: Library Loans

  1. Confession time, I don’t use my library! The selection of YA isn’t great and I doubt they have heard of NA, so yes, not great for me. However the loan period is 14 days and you can only renew once and that’s it. 10 days is very short, I would be annoyed at that too.

  2. I live in an extremely small town, but we have a fantastic library with a TON of YA. And our rental period is 30 days, with renewal available twice. I love that, and I can’t imagine it only being 10 (as I sit next to my giant pile of books I still need to read). There’s no way I could handle that short amount of time!

  3. 10 days sucks! Although it would make me ensure I got the book read and not take multiple loans. It’s 21 days here and you can take out 10 books/DVDs/audio so my library hauls can get ridic and I end up making use of my renewals!

  4. Holy crap, a 10-day library loan?! That’s crazy! My library’s is 4 weeks, plus you get two renewals (if the book isn’t on hold for someone else, that is). 10 days is just… cruel! O_o

  5. 10 days is short, like really short. Like Nikki’s library “my library’s is 4 weeks, plus you get two renewals” and you can borrow up to 8 books, and I always have my Mom’s card with me as well so that means I can borrow 16, if I want to 🙂 Though no ebooks 🙁

  6. Haha, I can totally relate to your BUY ALL THE BOOKS problem. I mean… you should see my book haul post from this past week. It’s really disgusting! Add on top of that NetGalley acquisitions, library checkouts, and free e-Book downloads and goodness… I will never get through all those books. But I’m still glad I have them.

    I’m like you in that if I’m unsure of a book I would much rather check it out from the library. That way if you feel like you NEED to own it, you can buy it later. But if you didn’t like it, that’s money you didn’t waste and can be spent on something else. It’s also really hard to not grab up as many of them as possible, since you never know when they will be available! I’ve had to rush getting reviews done on some before my checkout time expires, or rush having to pull notes for the same reason.

    My library loans out e-Books for 14 days at a time, which isn’t too bad. And they limit e-Books to only being able to have 3 loaned out at a time. I’ve no idea the length on physical book loans, but I believe it’s the same. They also let you check out way more than 3 physical books at a time. I wonder why that is?

    I’ve put myself on the wait list for a few but then ended up taking myself off as I already had the max checked out, and didn’t want to keep someone else from reading it when I couldn’t. Makes me feel a bit guilty if I don’t free them up as soon as possible!

    P.S. Your star ratings are so cute! Yay for Mario. ^_^