Book Bangin’ — M-O-O-N That Spells Dystopia!

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Book Bangin

Book Bangin’ is a feature hosted by Kelly at Belle of the Literati! This is where we talk about our favorite book boyfriends and why we love them so. This month we talk about those swoony dystopian boys!

So, I was totally going to do a video since I have never done one before and I was like, hmm what better first video to do than to gush about book boyfriends and then unleash that out into the wilds of the internet? But then I realized that I’ve actually read very few dystopians and my list is pretty short! Alas, we will have to wait for my gushy video for another month!

Without further ado.. my short list!


Apparently… I am a sucker for men who can kick ass and who is also in a mentor/teacher role. (Dimitri and Aiden also jump to mind — haha jump. Pun not intended.) Four is brave. He is Dauntless. But he is so much DEEPER than that. What can I say, I love a man who’s gonna fight for me.


Yes. Gale. I am most definitely, 100% Team Gale here. Hold your gasps and disbelief! Hear me out. Gale was Katniss’ best friend. And I totally respect him for wanting to take action and doing something. I love that he is strong and is willing to fight. Am I a proponent of violence? No, not at all, but when action is necessary I like a man that’s going to be able to fight for me and for anyone else; to stand up for his beliefs and SAVE THE WORLD. Okay, a little dramatic there but yes. That is why I love Gale immensely and probably why I didn’t like Mockingjay all that much. Peeta just… okay, he smells like bread, he’s a nice guy and I like that he likes Katniss but come on. Gale is the manly man here and I love him.

Plus. Liam Hemsworth. Hellooo swoon.

Okay, so what dystopians am I missing out on? For some reason, I really haven’t read that many! Tell me which ones I need to read so I can fall for more book boyfriends!

Hottie of the Month:

My hottie of the month has got to be Jesse Walker from Lost and Found by Nicole Williams! You guys. If you haven’t read this, you should! I have always had a soft spot for cowboys and Jesse Walker is a cowboy you want/need to meet! Tight jeans, cowboy boots and hat — top it off with some drown-in-me eyes and dimples and you have Jesse freaking Walker. He is the sweetest guy, knows how to win in a fight and… did I mention he’s a cowboy and probably smells like hay and horse and all kinds of cowboy goodness?

I just realized I mention in all 3 book boyfriends that they can beat people up. I am not a violent person. I PROMISE.

Side note: I hope people understand my post title. Haha. I was being clever and it’s referencing The Stand. However, I don’t actually have any book boyfriends from that one!



4 responses to “Book Bangin’ — M-O-O-N That Spells Dystopia!

  1. LOVE Four!! And to be honest, while reading I was totally Team Gale! My mind has since changed after re-reading but I will agree, Gale is amazing! And I didn’t even know Nicole Williams had a new book out! Must check this out! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Four… obvi. hahaha 😉

    YES, GALE!! I wanted to put him! He was #7 on my list, but I made the cut at 6! Seriously…. what do people see in Peeta? Give me Gale EVERY TIME! Plus, I always pictured Peeta as doughy looking. TEAM GALE!

    Cowboys aren’t usually my thing…. but you make this one sound pretty damn good!