Book Bangin’ — Contemporary Boys!

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Book Bangin

So many awesome contemporary boys to talk about this month! Check out my vlog featuring my top 5 list! Excuse my quieter voice… made this super late (excuse the hair, etc) and my roommate’s room is right next to mine so didn’t want to wake her up by squeeing loudly over book boys haha. Unfortunately, this kind of stunted my fangirling and squealing so.. if I don’t look like it, trust me I am SUPER SQUEALLY INTERNALLY.

screaming internally

The 25 days of book boyfriends tour I mention in my vlog is hosted by the WONDERFUL Jess at Lovin Los Libros, Chelsea at Starbucks & Books Obsession and Teresa at Readers Live a Thousand Lives. Check out the tour schedule (each day featuring a book boyfriend!) HERE.

Who makes YOUR contemporary book boyfriend list? Do you agree with mine? Any I need to meet?? Leave me a comment and let me know! And I like asking this question because well… I just like to: Kiss, Marry, Kill — Noah, Ryan, Isaiah. Go! You have to choose!

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3 responses to “Book Bangin’ — Contemporary Boys!

  1. Mmmmm… so many amaaazing contemp boys!! I almost put Julian on my list, but didn’t!!! But believe me… I love him. Good call on MCGARRY BOYS…. I can’t get enough of them. I am torn between which of hers is my number one. After Crash I thought Isaiah, but after rereading some parts of PTL I’m not sure I can say that, cuz I mean… NOOOAH HUTCHINS!!! Aiden. I love Aiden. He was part of my hottie of the month. haha You know who the other part belongs to! My post is going up tomorrow. Oh, and yay for doing a vlog!! You hug those books, girl!

  2. THAT IS AN UNFAIR QUESTION!!!! Kiss- Isaiah; Marry- Ryan; Kill- Noah. OMG< THAT WAS HORRIBLE. I love you Noah, I'd never really kill you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyways. OMG. I haven't read My Life Next Door yet. 🙁 I put it on my Secret Santa wishlist, so maybe I'll get that one from my person. Ahhh I LOVE Julian too! He was my second choice for our BB Tour! Yay Jesse and Cam! Love those boys too!

    LOVE How you did your number one!!! I completely agree- she is so freaking awesome!!!

    I can't say who my favorite contemporary boys are, because…. there are too freaking many. And I could NOT choose.

  3. So excited to see your pretty face!! You don’t usually do videos! So exciting! Jase…I looooove him. I actually read about him BECAUSE of Book Bangin! I LOVE that he’s a nice guy! OMG JULIAN!!!! He was my Hot Man of the Month last month so I didn’t include him but he was totally the next guy on my list! I LOVED that book SO much! And it was so unexpected that I liked it so much! It totally has something to do with the military…rawr.

    LOL at “if cowboys aren’t your thing, they will become your thing.” I love that. Dude, don’t hit me but I have never read a Jennifer Armentrout book…I KNOW!! I need to, right?! Which one should I read first? There’s so many! Maybe I’ll start with Covenant…

    I love your cheating. And I agree. Katie McGarry boys can totally count as one. Holy hell do I LOVE them! Noah and his brothers…yes!


    Ok…Kiss–Isaiah. Marry–Noah. Kill–Ryan…that was so hard…I think…can I change it daily?

    LOVE your video!! Can’t wait to see more!