My Thoughts on the Shatter Me series!

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So I finally read Shatter Me! I now know what everyone’s been talking about! Since just about everyone has read these books already, instead of doing reviews, I’m just going to post the thoughts I wrote down as I read Shatter Me, Unravel Me and the novellas Destroy Me and Fracture Me! It should be entertaining. I binge read them all in a matter of days! Enjoy my stream of consciousness thoughts as I read!

(There are not really any spoilers. My thoughts on the later books may have slight spoilers to the previous — but not really.)

Thoughts on Shatter Me:

  • The writing style: I adore it! The imagery is beautiful. The way Mafi strings words together is amazing and enrapturing. Also, the way she writes Juliette’s thoughts with strike throughs — interesting and definitely different!
  • (About roughly halfway through): I just do NOT understand how a Team Warner exists. How? Why?? He is horrible!
  • Final thoughts: Oh my god, this book was amazing. Why did I wait so long to read?? Literally could not put it down. I am now brimming with feels. Also! I am firmly in Team Adam territory here. He is so caring and wonderful and I love him. I hear this Warner novella will change my mind… we shall see! Destroy Me… here I come!

Thoughts on Destroy Me:

  • Okay… he cares for her but in a totally obsessive stalkerish kind of way. I mean he gets jealous when other people talk to her! Total creeper sign, right??
  • 58%: Okay. I do not hate Warner with the ferocity I used to. I am understanding him and his choices. However, I am still not his biggest fan.
  • Differences between Adam’s love and Warner’s love: I feel like Warner loves her because he sees himself in her and he’s lonely and he thinks they’re the same. He is obsessed. I feel like he wants her more for him than for her. Adam sees her goodness, the part that everyone else seems to have forgotten. He sees her as simply another human being.
  • Final thoughts: Yes, Destroy Me gave me insight about Warner. He is not wholly evil. However, I still think that he loves the idea of Juliette, not her. I don’t hate him. But. I still love Adam.

Thoughts on Unravel Me:

  • Oh hiii swoony Adam scene right off the bat! Yes!
  • Kenji! I absolutely love him. He’s hilarious and thank you for telling it like it is! He is amazing and may be my favorite character. I wonder about his past — I’m very curious. Maybe we’ll get some novella about him?? One can dream.
  • Warner. Ugh, excuse me while I go throw up. I’m sorry to all Warner fans. While I don’t hate him, I still cannot stand him! And I was having almost physical reactions to the infamous Chapter 62 – swallowing repeatedly to keep my stomach calm and desperately wishing for a drink to get me through… yes, I know I’m being dramatic but it’s necessary.
  • One thing’s for sure – Tahereh sure knows how to write swoony scenes! Well, I would’ve been swooning if that had been Adam…
  • Juliette: I get her feelings. I do. But I wanted her to snap out of it already! Thank god for Kenji!
  • I wish Adam was in the book more! Can’t wait to see his novella!!
  • Final thoughts: Wish there had been more action. Lots of character development that was necessary in this one but not too much actually happened. Looks like we’ll see in Ignite Me! I can’t wait! 

Thoughts on Fracture Me:

  • Well… I am really disappointed. I was SO looking forward to Adam’s novella, because Destroy Me provided so much insight and was so gripping, and I kind of expected the same I guess. But half of it goes over the events at the end of Unravel Me and while I do like POVs from different characters, I felt like it didn’t add anything to those scenes. It was like half of it was just a repeat.
  • I did enjoy seeing Adam with his brother. But I feel like it was just so short. And I love Adam. I guess I just wanted…more.

 And now we wait for Ignite Me! I’m so excited!

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10 responses to “My Thoughts on the Shatter Me series!

  1. Hmmm, I am very interested to read your thoughts. I got Shatter Me on audiobook and was listening to it at the gym and while I didn’t hate it, I couldn’t really get into it. I am not sure if it was because it was an audiobook, but I felt no connection to the characters. So many people love this series and I want to so bad, but I am not sure if I care enough to keep listening, or if I should maybe try reading it instead of listening to it. I don’t know : (

  2. YAY to finally reading these books!!! 🙂 SOOO happy you are TEAM AMAM through and through!! I had a feeling you would be.. we usually have the same taste in book boyfriends. 😉 Cheers to that! I haven’t read Destroy Me yet, but I’ve heard similar reactions– that it just didn’t DO MUCH for the overall story. Debating on whether or not to spend the $3. Can’t wait for Ignite Me!!

  3. Basically, it thrills me that you’re loving this series! My favorite character of all is Kenji, just for the comic relief and candidness he provides to the story.

  4. I’m Team Warner all the way!!! Sorry not sorry. But I definitely get what you’re saying about the lack of action in Unravel Me. But I think it’s just going to make it that much better when Ignite Me comes out and just slaps all of us in the face. I’m so excited/nervous!!!

  5. This was such a fun way to share your thoughts!! I started out on Team Adam, but Destroy Me completely flipped my stance and I jumped onto Team Warner. And especially now after Fracture Me, I’m just dead-set against Adam (sorry….). AHHHHH. Ignite Me is going to kill us allllllllllll. (i’m so excited.) 😉

  6. We had very similar thoughts while reading the series! I still can’t bring myself to read Fracture Me. >.>
    I am still strongly on Team Adam. He’s such great guy and an awesome big brother!