BEA Is Coming!!!

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AHHHH BEA is upon us!! I will be leaving on a plane to NYC in a mere matter of days! I could not be more excited to be going to BEA for the first time ever!! Anyway, I originally wanted to do a vlog where I was all “hiii guys this is what I look like, please say hi because I want to meet you!!” However. I got sick last week and my voice decided to go on vacay.

So. Vlog was out. I thought I’d wait it out but while my voice has returned, I still sound pretty stuffy so instead I am taking a page out of Jamie’s book and doing a post with some of my various facial expressions! Her post from pre-BEA last year can be found here. 


#1: “Hi, nice to meet you!” – my normal face

#2: “Crap, Javits is a maze, where do I go??” – my lost face

#3: “Hmm I think I know you, do I say hi?” – my tentative face

#4: “AHHH HIII, let’s fangirl about books, authors and book boys!” – my excited face

#5: “OMG HEIR OF FIRE” – my I want/need it face

#6: “Okay, seriously how long is this line” – my bored face

#7: “Did you just step on me?” – my annoyed/upset face

#8: This is how sad I’ll be if I don’t get Heir of Fire!

Hmm, is it odd that my normal face (#1) is very similar to my excited face (#4)? Haha.

Seriously, I am so excited to be able to meet all of you!!! Authors, books, NYC! EEEEP! Please come up to me and say hi if you see me!

Some places you may find me at:

  • Teen Author Carnival Wednesday night!
  • Harlequinn Booth signing Thursday morning!
  • Heir of Fire line!
  • Any and all things JLA related — especially for The Return!
  • Book blogger picnic on Friday!
  • Wandering around Javits in a daze

The last item will probably be true for most of the time considering everything seems to be happening at the same time and I want everything! Haha. I’m also super excited to be rooming with some of my blogging besties (Cece @ Cece Reads, Tonya @ Lilybloom Books, Chelsea @ Starbucks & Books Obsession, Jessica @ Lovin Los Libros) and hopefully I won’t get on their nerves too much with my excitement! 🙂

Are you going to BEA?? What are you most excited for?



6 responses to “BEA Is Coming!!!

  1. Love this post! I am debating on doing one, but I take such crappy photos! I wish I were photogenic…. I think I’m going to skip Heir of Fire and just borrow it from you- sound good?! 😀 Haha. I’m really excited too. I doubt you’ll get on my nerves.

  2. I’ll be at BEA! I’m so excited that it’s quickly approaching. I’m not nearly as prepared as I should be and this is my fourth year attending. Still, the best thing is to have a sense of que sera, because you never know what might happen. Optimism is key! Hope to see your excited – and not stepped on – face there!

  3. You are the cutest and I feel like your faces are way more photogenic than mine were last year when I did this post!! I looked at it again this year and I was like HOW EMBARRASSING I LET SOME OF THESE PHOTOS LIVE ON THE INTERNET. haha.

    Girl, I cannot WAIT to meet you!!! Like please let’s make sure we will meet up okay?? I WILL be at the blogger picnic but I hope I see you before then!

  4. LOL, I love this! Hope you are making more excited faces than annoyed ones! And I know with all the great company even long lines won’t seem too bad. I know my worst face would be the sore feet one 🙂

    Enjoy 😀

  5. Ahhhh!!! I’m so excited!!! You know that you’ll see me in the Heir of Fire line. And my face will be equally sad if I don’t walk away with a copy. I’ll also be at the Harlequin booth signing and all things JLA! Did you also see that the Bloomsbury booth is giving away these awesome Throne of Glass totes one day? I *think* it’s Friday? at 3:30pm. Maybe. Don’t quote me on that. I don’t have my schedule in front of me. But it’s on the Throne of Glass fan page on Facebook.