If I Stay Movie Review

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If I Stay

So, I adored If I Stay. I read it in one sitting and ugly cried through the majority of it. It hurt my soul but I loved it. Sometimes I just like sad books. Anyway, I was so excited to hear they were making it into a movie and then the first trailer hit. And I cried during the short trailer. Yup. That happened. So, of course, I decided to take myself to see it.

I found a nice, secluded spot so I could cry in peace and settled in. And I really really liked it. I cried. A lot. To be honest, I’m not sure if I transported my book feels and overlayed them onto the movie but I totally sobbed. The movie made me love Adam Wilde all over again. I definitely pictured him differently when I first read but it worked for me in the movie. And can I just say I loved seeing the music come to life in the movie! It made me want to learn how to play the cello! It made me regret stopping piano. I played for 11 years. It made me desperately want them to make Where She Went so maybe we could see more of Adam’s songs come to life (I personally request Animate and… the entire Collateral Damage album?) Oh, and yes, I am now rereading Where She Went. 

The movie isn’t perfect but I still thought it was so good. The thing that really bugged me though… Adam’s speech. You all know the one. I basically have it memorized which is why it threw me when it didn’t really happen. It’s kind of important… so I thought it was weird they left it out, considering how accurate they were to most everything else from the book. And it mostly bugged me because I freaking love that speech. I love it hard.

Anyway. All in all, I thought it was a great adaptation! Go see it!



3 responses to “If I Stay Movie Review

  1. I think I love the book and really like the movie. I loved some of the changes and new additions, but not all of it, but still I love the movie independently from the book. But I hated how they changed the last scene, I was just so mad about that.

  2. Definitely cried during this movie, even though I only got a bit misty-eyed while reading the book. Not sure why that is. But it totally made me want to read Where She Went! I need to get that book asap and read it. I love Adam. He is amazing. And when he asks her to stay and tells her that it’s okay if she can’t be with him. *sobs*