Monthly Recap! January 2015

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Can it be that I’m posting my monthly recap on time?? Starting the year off right! 🙂 Here is what has been happening on the blog this January along with an update on my progress in the challenges I’m participating in!

January in review

Books Read in Jan: 5

Challenges progress so far!

Re-Read Challenge

Goal: 18
This Month: 0.5. Haha! I’m halfway through rereading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and I love reliving how much I love this series!


Goal: 25
This Month: 1. It was a good one! (ACOTAR!)


Hosted by Danielle @ Love At First Page
This month I read the Bowler University series by Megan Erickson! (What a fantastic NA series!)

Favorite Things This Month:

Blog redesign! I redesigned the blog! It took a LONG time but I really like how it turned out! Hope you all do too!

FOOTBALL! No big deal, I only lost my voice for a week after the NFC championship game where I yelled and cheered my little heart out for my Seahawks! And now we are back in the Superbowl! Woo!!! GO HAWKS! (I may or may not inundate twitter feeds with football this Sunday sorry not sorry!)

How was your January? Tell me about your favorite reads of the month and what you were up to!



6 responses to “Monthly Recap! January 2015

  1. Yay for the blog design!! Seriously I can’t get over how much I love it 🙂 You did good woman! I want ACOTAR so bad!! Ahhh hehe It’s like I saw that in your challenge section and everything else just faded away.

    I haven’t done one of these before but I started typing one up earlier so maybe it’ll happen.

  2. First thought when I opened this post: Oh look, Wendy posted her wrap-up on time! Go her! LOL

    Second thought when I opened this post: Did she redesign her blog? *scrolls down* Why, yes she did! I really like it!!! It’s so pretty!!

    I’m still sad that the Seahawks beat out my Packers (who totally gave up in that game…), but I’ll be cheering your team on on Sunday!

  3. YAY! I’m so loving the blog redesign. Maybe I’ll do one at some point. LOL. And go you for your challenges! That’s alot more than I would have gotten done! YAY ACOTAR. I’m so glad you loved it too! (As if you wouldn’t!) I’ll be rooting on the Seahawks myself…. I hate Tom Brady. And after all this shit… he deserves to go down!

  4. I had way too much fun with you on Twitter during the NFC Championship game LOL. I mean, we really need to watch an actual game together!!!
    I can’t wait to read ACOTAR. Keep hearing amazing things.
    And yay for the series challenge! I’m reading Sweet Evil next month. I’m really nervous about it so wish me luck haha.