TTT: Top Ten Book Related Problems I Have

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish!

This week we’re talking about all our book related problems!

1. I need more bookcases! I desperately need another one, but 1) they’re expensive and 2) the one that I currently have they discontinued so now they won’t match. *cries* I’ve stacked, double stacked and now am forming piles around my lone sad bookcase that needs another friend or two.

2. Book buying compulsion. It’s like an addiction. Hear a rave review? I want to get it! Kindle sale? Hello, one click. Book outlet? Let’s just not go there. I have TONS of books that are unread and I need to get to them and yet I can’t stop buying more. Because, let’s face it, as a mood reader, when I really want to read something, it’s nice if I already have it, right?? (I am on a book buying ban currently, at least until March. Need to get some of these read first! I do have SOME self control…)

3. Keeping track of my ebooks. Kind of related to the above. Kindle sales are awesome but sometimes I forget I have a certain ebook. Thank goodness amazon tells you when you’ve already purchased! It’s so hard to keep track of what I have when they just get buried in pages on my kindle!

4. Non-book people just don’t GET IT. I know people that say books are expensive and a waste. WHOA. Blasphemy, right there.

5. TIME. Can I live in a world where I don’t have to work, have all the money to buy books and have enough time to read to my heart’s content? Because I don’t have enough time to read! And sometimes when I come home from work I’m too tired to! I have this fear that I won’t be able to read all the books I want to before I die. 🙁 🙁

6. Libraries. Yes. Libraries are a problem for me. I go, see all these books I want to read, check out a TON and never get around to them. I’m a mood reader, what can I say. But it’s really bad. I think I may have library fines. (Oh and I just checked out five books from the library yesterday. CRAP.)

7. Book hangovers. When a book ends and you’re just not ready to leave it but it’s done and you’re just stuck in your everyday life and have no idea how you can move on to another book.

8. Not sleeping. I’ve noticed that I like reading books in one sitting. Long ones, sure, I’ll split them up. But I DON’T like putting it down. I’ll be distracted doing anything else and I get upset that I’m NOT reading. I prefer a big chunk of time to read and I used to read before bed all the time — forgoing sleep just seemed like the logical choice. 😉

9. Loving physical books but can’t ignore that ebook sale. I don’t know about the rest of you, but when a book is $1.99 for Kindle, how can you say no? However, if I end up loving it and want to reread, I now want a physical copy of it. I like rereading in physical copy. Also, if I start a series of in ebook, I now can’t get physical for the rest because then I’d have an incomplete series on my shelf. So then I feel like I need to get it in physical to match the rest. Long story short: buying it twice sometimes meaning the sale was actually detrimental. (Unless I end up disliking in which case, good deal!)

10. I need things to match. Kind of related to the above. If I start a series in paperback, I have to get the rest in paperback (and vice versa for hardcover). It needs to match on the shelf! I run into problems when I NEED the next book in the series but it’s in hardcover and what do I do now?? (I admit, this may be part of the reason why I’m waiting to binge the Lunar Chronicles — I have the first two in paperback.)

Okay, side story about #10. I hate when things change editions and then mine DON’T match. Example: Opal by Jennifer Armentrout. It’s my fave of the series and I only have it in ebook, then they packaged them differently and no longer sell the old ones. I NEED OPAL. I recently saw it at the library and asked the librarian if I could buy it. She didn’t know. So I’m going back and asking another librarian. Yes, clearly, I have problems. :/ haha

I know you all will understand these bookish problems!! And that is why I <3 you all – you are my people! Now, tell me what bookish problems you have!



14 responses to “TTT: Top Ten Book Related Problems I Have

  1. YESSSS TO #4. It’s very hard for people outside the book community to understand our obsession, but it’s even more difficult for us to be hitting our heads against the wall when confronted with this. It really gets very exhausting, doesn’t it?

  2. Oh so much yes to your list! I am a seriously compulsive book buyer. (I’m also a compulsive ARC requester.) Which explains why my TBR is completely out of control. Non book people just don’t get it. My former roommate read about 3 books in the entire time I’ve known him and he never understood my love for books. I now live alone. 🙂

    My TTT!

  3. That Amazon one click is going to be the death of me some day! And I’m the same way about physical books – if I have it on Kindle but LOVE it, I also want to own it for my shelves. Thank God this is the only hobby I have LOL.

  4. Keeping track of ebooks! YES. I just made a ridiculously long spreadsheet with ALL my books so I know what I have! I am with you on matching. It drives me crazy when I have 2 books in paperback and the last in hardback. Or if they change the covers midway through. UGH. Time is serious issue for all of us I think, because there’s never enough of it for as many books as we want to read. I admire people who can sit and read all day long. I don’t have the focus anymore! Instead, like you- I’ll just stay up and forgo sleep!

  5. hahaha to your side note on #10! That’s such a good idea. Definitely check back with the library and see if you can buy it. Offer to buy them a new one in exchange? I would do it. I HATE when books don’t match.

    Time for sure. I am definitely never going to finish my TBR before I die and that makes me want to hyperventilate a little…

    “Books are expensive and a waste.” What is wrong with these people saying these blasphemous things??? Books are one of the greatest things you can spend your money on!!!

  6. YES, there is always going to be a major need for more bookcases!

    I totally understand your book-buying addiction. Don’t let others’ judgements get you down 😉

    If only there WAS such a world that didn’t require us to go to work. If we could just sit and read all day…that’d be bliss.

    My TTT

  7. Great list! I need all my books to match too. I’ve begun running out of space which is just horrible because then the bookshelves don’t look as pretty! I definitely have a book buying addiction too. I just need all the books! Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  8. I would love to live in a world with unlimited time and money to read and buy all the books! And non-bookish people NEVER GET IT but they are the crazy ones, not us 🙂 And YES TO MATCHING although sometimes that can be SUCH A PAIN because covers change WAY TO OFTEN or paperbacks will get released MONTHS after hardbacks. Ugh! Great list!

  9. Yes, yes, yes, yes. I was nodding my head throughout all of these. The one that irks me the most is keeping track of kindle books. ffffffff Especially when you get those free classics with the ugly covers that all look exactly alike. Why is there not a better, more attractive way to do this?