Book Bangin’ — The Number One!

Posted March 4, 2015 by Wendy in Book Bangin' / 5 Comments


As if this week’s Top Ten Tuesday wasn’t hard enough, Kelly decided to torture us by having us choose ONE book boyfriend. THE top guy, THE number one, THE book boyfriend to beat all book boyfriends. This was tough, to say the least. Who did I choose?? Check it out…. 🙂


Now YOU guys tell me who your #1 is! If I could pick one, you can too. Really. Tell me. 🙂



5 responses to “Book Bangin’ — The Number One!

  1. When your phone went off I swear I looked down at mine and was puzzled for 2 seconds why there was no popup notification until you were like sorry that’s mine phone haha then I felt stupid… 😀

    Adrian Ivashkov. Has been and always will be my #1. I love a lot of book boys. A LOT. But no other guy seems to compare to my broody vampire 🙂

    Though the strong silent type does sound yummy. I really should get on this series so I can meet Chaol. And to make you happy haha!

  2. Bahaha. I couldn’t do this. I suck at picking one of ANYTHING. You are cracking me up right now with this video. OMG. Just show me Chaol already! Hahahahaha! LOL. You need to freaking meet Hector then. Because he might give Chaol some competition!

  3. Your video was about to kill me. I was all TELL ME ALREADY hahaha. I didn’t expect you to pick Chaol. Maybe because I haven’t read the series, so he didn’t come to mind. I was thinking Cam or Dimitri. I was close, kinda haha.

  4. OMG I TOTALLY TALKED ABOUT THE “DANCE WITH ME, CELAENA” PART IN MY VIDEO!! Also, “badassery”. lolol Love it!! And love the rambling. Pretty much what my vlog sounds like. I love that you can’t make a decision over your book bfs.