It’s My TWO YEAR Blogaversary!

Posted May 7, 2015 by Wendy in Personal / 8 Comments

Today is my TWO YEAR blogaversary!

dean gif

WHAT. Time has flown by! I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for TWO years! Honestly, it snuck up on me, I literally realized over the weekend that the day was drawing nigh.

Blogging has become such a large part of my life, I can’t even imagine not knowing you wonderful bookish people, being a part of an amazing community and having people to FLAIL, CRY, LAUGH and GET EXCITED about books with. I never imagined when I started that this would become so much more than just a hobby. I have made such amazing friendships with so many of you — you guys aren’t just “blogging friends” or “internet friends”, you are simply friends that I really value and cherish! To be honest, I probably talk to some of you more than my “real-life” friends! No joke. I love you guys!

The past year of blogging has really been amazing! Last May I was able to go to BEA and meet a lot of you and have a blast. I am SO SAD I will not be attending this year but fingers crossed for next year!

Enough gushing because you all know how much I love you. Giveaway time! I’ll make it easy — just comment below and tell me your… favorite ice cream flavor and summer book! To enter for a $15 Amazon GC.




8 responses to “It’s My TWO YEAR Blogaversary!

  1. Congratulations on your blogaversary!!!! I am hoping to maybe make it to BEA next year as well!

    Hm, favorite ice cream flavor…so many good ones! Maybe moose tracks. I don’t particularly have a favorite summer read, just whatever I’m reading at the time.

    Congrats again!

  2. 1. Spot on Supernatural gif!
    2. Many congrats on two years!
    3. I normally would say cookie dough, but I recently discovered sea salt caramel swirl at my local grocery store. YUM.
    4. Hmm summer read. Gonna have to go with Open Road Summer by Emery Lord!

  3. That Supernatural gif is basically MADE of WIN 😀 And it fits perfectly with your post here ♥ CONGRATS on reaching your 2nd blogoversary Wendy^^ Time really flies by when you’re having fun, fangirling and talking about all the bookish things eh?! You just made me realize my 3rd blogoversary is coming up already in September o.O Anyways, here’s to many happy returns XOXOX

  4. Happy 2 years of blogging, Wendy! <3 My favorite summer read is currently Open Road Summer, and my favorite ice cream flavor is always chocolate chocolate chip 😉

  5. Happy blogoversary, Wendy! I am SO happy we have become good friends. We had such a meet cute at BEA haha. <3
    My favorite ice cream is coffee flavored… and my favorite summer book is My Life Next Door 😀