TTT: Top Ten Authors I’d Love to Get Coffee And/Or a Drink With!

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So when I was thinking about this week’s TTT topic, it gave me pause. Because I’ve been incredibly lucky and have met some of my favorite authors that I’ve always wanted to meet. HOWEVER. It’s usually so stressful at signings, especially if there’s a long line, and I feel like when I get up there that I should keep things short and to the point so I don’t piss off the people behind me. Or I get tongue tied trying to think of something short and succinct that all I say is “I LOVE YOUR BOOK!” So I decided to do a spin on the topic and do top 10 authors I’d love to get coffee and/or a drink with! That way, I’d get to hang out with them and really talk and have fun!

1. Cora Carmack: Cora is actually the one who inspired this idea. The first time I met her was at a signing and her line was suuuper long. But despite that, she took the time to talk to us! She was SO much fun to talk to — about her books, about random stuff, I just loved her! I’d love to go grab a drink with her and hang out and talk hot boys! 😉

2. Megan Erickson: I adore Megan’s books and I think it’d be so much to chat with her and especially discuss her pinterest board which Nick recently brought to my attention!

3. Brighton Walsh: From twitter, I just feel like she’d be a lot of fun to hang out with! I’d definitely want to grab coffee or a drink with her!

4. Morgan Matson: I adore her books! I got to meet her at her signing at BEA last year but that was BEFORE I read her books. So now I want to be able to gush over them with her. And maybe we can get ice cream too!

5. Sarah J. Maas: I ADORE Sarah. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet her and oh my gosh she is just the NICEST. I want to get coffee AND drinks with her and talk hot men, be they captains of the guard or fae. And watch Lord of the Rings together and of course we’d rewatch episodes of Outlander and fawn over Jamie. No, I have not planned out a whole day of hanging out with her, why do you ask?

6. Richelle Mead: I DID get to meet her a few months ago but gosh her lines are so long! I felt compelled to get my books signed and move on. If I could, we’d chat all about vampires over coffee and her new standalone coming out later this year!

7. Lisa Kleypas: I’ve recently been sucked into a historical fiction black hole thanks to everyone who helped get me addicted! I’d love to meet Lisa and ask her about her research and how she came up with SO MANY SEXY MEN THAT MAKE ME WANT TO LIVE IN THE 1840s.

8. Abigail Haas: I want to get into her brain and find out how she comes up with all these twisted thrilling stories! And brainstorm with her because THAT sounds exciting

9. Aven Ellis: I adore Aven. I talk to her pretty much every day and I would LOVE to get lunch with her in person and chat all things sports, hot men and everything in between. LOVE YOU!

10. Leigh Bardugo: I’ve gotten to meet her and she’s hilarious! I’d love to hang out and have endless Game of Thrones chats!

Who would YOU want to get coffee and drinks with??



12 responses to “TTT: Top Ten Authors I’d Love to Get Coffee And/Or a Drink With!

  1. Oh my gosh Sarah J. Maas, that’s a big YES. She was so nice when she was here but you’re right, it’d be nice to actually sit down and have a chat with some authors. And it’d be really nice to chat with Sarah J. Maas and ask her why she puts us through so much PAIN in her books.

    Rachel @ Beauty and the Bookshelf

  2. Getting a drink w/ an author would be so much cooler than just standing in line to get that 15 second chance to say “Loved the book!!”. I met R.L. Stine and was so dumbstruck I basically didn’t say anything except “I’m so nervous”. It would be nice to have the chance to calm down and actually TALK about things. cool idea!!!

  3. I *HAD* to put SJM on my list too, even though I’ve met her already. I want to meet her again, hang out, have a cup of tea, and maybe she’d let me braid her hair XD I need to read more Mead and Bardugo though^^ Gorgeous list Wendy! xx

  4. I’m familiar with maybe half of these authors (familiar as in, I’ve read them). I like your spin on this. Some authors have fantastic books but off-putting/shy people presence, and others have mediocre books and AMAZING personality.

  5. Yay! We DO share a lot! Cora is so adorable- I bet she’d be so much fun to hang out with! Same with Megan! I’d totally go get coffee with Sarah-let’s get Susan to come too! Aven! Yes! Someday I will meet her! I’m the same with Morgan! I forgot you were able to get into her line after Sarah! I think I had read Amy and Roger before I met her though.

  6. You know I loved you, but OMG I want to meet ALL (except Aven because I don’t know who that is but that will be fixed in a moment!) these authors and have drinks with them. 😀 It would be so much fun. Also, I love how yours, Danielle’s and Jess’ posts featured so many similar authors!! #bloggerbffgoals