Book Bangin’: Hate to Love Book Boys!

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Book Bangin’ is where we talk about all things book boys! This month we’re talking about those hate to love relationships — boys we hated but then LOVED.

1. Daemon from the Lux series:

lux series

Much like Daemon and Katy’s relationship starts off, Daemon and I started off a little rocky. He’s just not very NICE and was snarky and sarcastic but of course as things go on, I just came to love all of that <3

2. Josh from Under the Lights:

under the lights cover

Josh is sort of just a douche! I honestly didn’t like him in the previous book Behind the Scenes but he definitely grew on me in this one as we come to know him and realize that he’s not ALL bad. And I just loved his loyalty to his friends!

3. Hardy Cates from the Travis series:

sugar daddy cover

Okay so before I ever started the Travis series, I had heard a TON about Hardy. Hardy this, Hardy that. And I didn’t realize that Hardy was actually not the hero in the first book, Sugar Daddy. So basically I’m reading and getting really irritated at Hardy and his decisions and then I wanted him to not come back in the book… haha. HOWEVER. Then I read Blue Eyed Devil and he completely redeemed himself and I came to love him so!

4. Sebastian St. Vincent from the Wallflowers series:

wallflower series


Sebastian is like a modern day player. And he doesn’t seem to have a single good quality. He doesn’t seem to care about anything. But ohhhh my goodness, his book? I FELL SO HARD FOR HIM.

5. Seth from The Return:

the return cover

I highly disliked Seth for almost the entirety of the Covenant series. Mainly because I was a huge fan of Aiden and Seth was just annoying and there and I didn’t want him to be there with his arrogance and everything. Then obviously events happened and Seth redeemed himself and I had to begrudgingly admit he was alright. Then he got his spin off series and now I love him! Haha. Now his arrogance doesn’t rub me the wrong way.

Tell me about what book boys you hated initially but came to love! Do any of them overlap with who I have on my list?



5 responses to “Book Bangin’: Hate to Love Book Boys!

  1. I’ve read two, but I feel exactly the same way. Daemon and I got off to a rocky start, too, but then it was love! Once I fell, I FELL, if that makes sense.

    And of course St. Vincent. Of course!!! 🙂

  2. Tammy (@tammygeo)

    I own the Travis series I guess I need to read it and meet this Hardy 🙂

  3. YES. Daemon omg. I was SO MAD at him for the first book. I haven’t met the others, but I’ll keep that in mind as I read them. I can’t think of any at the top of my head though I KNOW there are some!

  4. I planned to write a thoughtful comment but I lost everything I was going to say when I saw Sebastian’s name on the list. Oh my heart. I loved him so. And to think I almost didn’t read his book because of his shenanigans in the previous book!