ReRead Thoughts: The Assassin’s Blade & Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

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So in preparation for Queen of Shadows to release TODAY, I reread all of the preceding books in the series to refresh my memory and to just prepare myself for this long awaited release! As I reread, I became just CONSUMED with all these thoughts because I freaking adore this series. If you haven’t read, PLEASE do! I am a huge fantasy lover and I adore the world, the magic, the epic fantasy feel that emanates from the pages and consumes your heart. Sarah’s writing, without fail, every time I read her words, inspires me to write. I used to write (my friends and I used to have a site where we posted our stories and critiqued each other) a lot and haven’t really in forever. Maybe NaNoWriMo this year??

Anyway. So I decided what better way to welcome Queen of Shadows into the world than to just blurt out all my thoughts of its predecessors? I just have a lot of thoughts and feelings and needed an outlet! KEEP IN MIND, I AM BASICALLY JUST WORD VOMITING AND THERE WILL BE SPOILERS FOR THESE BOOKS AND THE SERIES (EXCLUDING QUEEN OF SHADOWS).

And if that wasn’t warning enough…


I loved revisiting the story! It’s so interesting because I got to see so many cool little things I don’t see the first time around!

Assassin’s Blade is a compilation of novellas about Celaena’s adventures before the events of Throne of Glass. While not really “necessary”, I personally think everyone should read it, preferably first. It just gives such a good background of Celaena and her personality! Plus I loved each of her adventures AND as you continue the series, you see awesome tie-ins and it just makes it even more awesome! (For instance — the spidersilk used in some of the novellas? We see Manon using it in Heir of Fire! The little nod to Celaena stealing an Asterion mare in Crown of Midnight. ANSEL. In rereading Heir of Fire, we see that there is a new High Queen of the Wastes with “wine-red hair” — ummm I didn’t even catch that my first time reading but that is so totally Ansel! It’s just the cool little things like that that I love seeing consistently woven through the series.)

Plus, I think the novellas help you understand Celaena more. You see what she’s been through and what she grew up with. And no matter how heart wrenchingly painful the end is… at least you will have met the wonderful, beautiful, thoughtful, Sam Cortland. Which is where the long running phrase through the series originally came from! I’d totally forgotten that it originated from him. “My name is Sam Cortland, and I will not be afraid.” 

*sobs for Sam*

Okay and moving on to things I loved while rereading Throne of Glass:

  1. Being reminded of how adorable Dorian is. I’d forgotten amidst my love of Chaol but oh, Dorian, sweet Dorian, I sincerely want you to find someone to love and live happily ever after. (I AM SO SCARED FOR DORIAN.) I loved seeing Dorian and Chaol’s close friendship. I loved when Dorian bought Celaena three pounds of candy for Yulemas and also gifted her Fleetfoot. I loved his love for reading.
  2. Seeing Celaena’s badassery and snarky behavior. Can’t keep that girl down. “I will not be afraid.”
  3. Nehemia and how strong that girl is and how much she loves her people. But most of all her friendship with Celaena. <3
  4. Chaol. CHAOL. There is a reason my phone autocorrects “Chaol” to all caps “CHAOL”. “There was beauty in Chaol’s face and honor and loyalty.” He’s so aloof at first and Celaena manages to make him laugh and I loved those scenes.
  5. The little hidden things! Like when Elena responds to Celaena thanking her for saving her life by saying “blood ties can’t be broken”. (!!) How did I not notice ALL the signs pointing to Celaena being Fae before.

Tune in tomorrow for my rambly, nonsensical thoughts about Crown of Midnight!

Feel free to discuss! (But please, I beg of you, no spoilers for Queen of Shadows, I have not read yet!)


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4 responses to “ReRead Thoughts: The Assassin’s Blade & Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

  1. GAH! OMG I LOVED THIS POST AND NOW I’M FANGIRLING RIGHT ALONG WITH YOU!!!!!!! ALL CAPS!!! Excessive exclamation point usage!!!! Celaena ♥ CHAOL ♥ Dorian ♥ ALL THE AWESOME! I wish I had time to reread the entire series too but I’ve already vowed to myself that when the final book comes out, I WILL reread the entire thing and bask in ALL THE FEELS AND ALL OF THE AWESOME 😀 I can’t wait for your CoM post Wendy XD

  2. I mean, I basically just fangirled along with you while I was reading this post! My phone also autocorrects Chaol in all caps so I approve of that for sure 😉

  3. Yay!!!! This post makes me both happy and sad. Everything about this series is so amazing and I had such a good time rereading with you. My sister just bought QoS and I like yelled at her and told her she had to reread and she had to start with Assassin’s Blade (which she hasn’t read) so she could meet Sam because he is so amazing!! (Also I’m scared for her to read…)