ReRead Thoughts: Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas

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My series of reread thoughts for the Throne of Glass series thus far continues!

I actually miraculously did review this the first time around. I’m actually quite impressed that I had managed to write a coherent review! Because this book was soul crushingly amazing.


Things I loved about Heir of Fire:

  1. This book was brilliant. The character growth that is seen in this book from Celaena? From Chaol? From Dorian? Off the charts. Celaena was already badass and awesome to begin with but she’s always been scared of her power and what would happen if it became unleashed. She’s essentially been running for the last 10 years, hiding in her new identity. She’s been scared of who she is and who she may be or become and she doesn’t want to be judged by the people she turned her back on. But here, with the help of Rowan, we see her finally overcome her fears of her past and face who she was and is. She confronts all those fears and embraces her fate, her magic, her birthright, her responsibility, the very essence of who she is and the result is terrifying and glorious. 
  2. New plot line involving Manon and the Iron Teeth witches! I think I loved this more the second time through because I wasn’t as anxious to get back to Celaena’s plotline since I had already read it before. I adored seeing Manon and Abraxos! Manon is scary as hell and Wyrd help me if I ever ran into her in a back alley but despite how cruel and evil and heartless she is… whoa there is a lot of heart that can be found in the loyalty of her coven, the Thirteen. Yes, they’re ruthless and savage but wow with this story. I was brought to tears in that scene with Keelie and Abraxos!
  3. Aedion. Fierce, proud, warrior Aedion. Branded as Adarlan’s Whore but working against the king this whole time… he is so desperately loyal and fiercely loving of his cousin and his queen. <3
  4. Chaol. Oh Chaol who is so lost in this book. He sacrificed himself to save Celaena, or so he thought. But he’s adrift. He knows he wants to protect her and Dorian, his dearest friend. But he doesn’t take a side. He is afraid to go against his honor and loyalty to work against the king but he also knows he can’t let his friends get hurt. Multiple times Aedion and Dorian confront him and I was just yearning for him to figure it out — take a stand, FIGHT! Be the Chaol I know you are! And he does, in the end, and that line. THAT LINE. “I will not serve you a moment longer. There is one true king in this room — there always has been. And he is not sitting on that throne.”
  5. Related to the above: Chaol and Dorian. Their friendship is kind of in shambles for most of the book but nothing can truly break their friendship. *sobs* That flashback when little Dorian declares that his friend “will be the fiercest warrior in the land” I think my heart just melted. AND THAT END SCENE YOU ALL KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT. “…said what he had always known, from the moment they’d met, when he’d understood that the prince was his brother in soul. ‘I love you.’ […] Brother. Friend. King.” I die. That whole ending.
  6. This book brought me to tears so many damn times. The royal theater singing the songs of Ellywe and Melisandre and Fenharrow and Adarlan. When young Aelin tells herself “get up”. I could go on but seriously, my emotions are way frayed right now. Long story short, the book is littered with my dogears of amazing scenes and quotes and it’s all just too amazing.




3 responses to “ReRead Thoughts: Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas

  1. Ok so: CHILLS. I got CHILLS reading this review Wendy OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?!? Those quotes ♥♥♥ Those scenes^^ THE FEELS!!! This was such an emotional book, it almost makes me scared to start Queen of Shadows because I know it’s going to destroy me but I NEED it like air O.O Awesome review!! xx

  2. I feel like every single time I comment on your TOG reread reviews, all I say is CHAOL FOREVER. But that really is how I feel! I do love all the elements you’ve highlighted though 😉

  3. Yes, there were so many emotions in this book. The theaters singing the songs. I straight up sobbed. It was just so emotional. Reading all of these posts has made me happy and sad and I don’t know what to feel, but mostly I feel just kind of lost. I love these books with everything I have. Chaol is perfection and so is Celaena and this whole world and I just don’t even know…