The Monday Musts (6)

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The Monday Musts is a new weekly meme that Jessica at Lovin’ Los Libros recently started! It’ll be a fun opportunity to feature a must read, must listen and a must see! The latter can have a wide scope — a must see blog post, exciting bookish discovery, fun picture, video, etc.

I thought the meme sounded like a lot of fun and decided to join in and you should too!

Must Read:

red rising cover

Red Rising series by Pierce Brown

CAN’T STOP WON’T STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS SERIES. (Did you all really think I wasn’t going to feature this series as my must read?) It’s sci-fi, it’s brutal, it’s heartbreaking but also amazing and epic and fantastic with the BEST characters, my fave BROTP ever (yeah, Rebecca and I made bro-TP a thing), and even humor. I wrote this open letter to Pierce Brown where I enumerate all the reasons I love him his series and then my total book obsession led me to write this post about steps to falling into a book obsession (please tell me I’m not alone in these steps). Long story short… READ IT.

Must Listen:

So the other day… I was getting annoyed at my audio book and decided I didn’t want to listen to it on my way to work. So I turned on the radio — I NEVER listen to the radio anymore. Anyway, a song came on I hadn’t heard before. And I liked it! And then I found out it was Justin Beiber. It blew my mind! Because I don’t like Justin Beiber. I was like, who am I?! (The song in question is “Love Yourself” by the way.)

Must See:

john wick

I watched this over the weekend and it was surprisingly good! I thought it was kind of funny that the synopsis says it’s about an ex hit man who had “everything taken from him” and then it turns out the everything was his car and his dog. (Disclaimer: the dog scene in the beginning was kind of brutal, just FYI so you’re prepared.) Everything else I really enjoyed though!

That’s it for My Monday Musts this week! Feel free to join in the fun!



13 responses to “The Monday Musts (6)

  1. BROTP! Sevro + Darrow for life. Haha so happy you featured this as your must read. I mean obviously. And the Justin Bieber song. Lolol. Damn it, Justin. Turning everyone into beliebers. He’s slowly brainwashing us…

  2. LOL! Never stop talking about The Red Rising books, because I need to be reminded to read them ASAP!
    Bieber’s new album is REALLY good! I’ve loved most of the songs on it! He’s turning us all into fans!!
    And oh no!! Dog deaths in movies and books kill me, so I couldn’t watch that movie. I did see Deadpool this weekend!

  3. I think my mom said something about the dog, and that’s why I’ve never watched it. LOL. But they liked it too overall! I am so excited to start Red Rising! I wonder how long it will take to get the second two from Overdrive. And yeah, I admit- that new Bieber song is quite catchy. LOL.

  4. YOU KEEP TALKING ABOUT RED RISING GIRL^^ I have TONS of series like that, as you know, but you’re just pumping me up to get to Red Rising all the more quickly. I have quite a few blogger friends just as obsessed with it as you are so I KNOW I’m missing out 😀 Oh and as much as I don’t like Beiber, that song is pretty cool! Thanks for sharing xx

  5. Ok I’ll admit it, Justin Bieber is a total guilty pleasure of mine. I know I’m not supposed to like him but I do, I can’t help it and my kids totally make fun of me for it Lol And Red Rising is another MUST read of mine, I hear such amazing things about this series and I have the first book sitting right on my shelf but you know how it is, so many books, so little time! Happy Monday 🙂

  6. I haven’t heard of Red Rising, but I will add it to my TBR list and get it. I love Sci-fi! I am ready for a new obok obsession! Have a great week.

  7. I’ve heard of Red Rising but I wasn’t really interested in reading it until I saw it as your pick. It’s on my library list for next week now! Looking forward to reading it 😀

    I was actually listening to Love Yourself on repeat as I was going through the Monday Musts posts, so I laughed when I saw it was your pick. I have so many feelings about this song. I used to really like JB, so I try to give his songs a chance when he comes out with a new album. I think the song is actually somewhat deep, and I love the lyrics (despite the horrible grammar). I think it has a lot to say about relationships and the faults that we know people have at the beginning but we still put up with. I initially held off from the song because I thought it was some petty anthem like 1D’s What Makes You Beautiful, so I was really surprised when I finally listened to it.

    AND JOHN WICK. Such a great movie. I haven’t seen such a realistic portrayal of actually shooting and fighting in a movie before, and I’m really looking forward to the second movie.

  8. I hereby solemnly promise to (eventually) give Red Rising a shot. Your enthusiasm for it is SO clear, and it definitely makes me want to go and find a copy 🙂