The Monday Musts (8)

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The Monday Musts is a new weekly meme that Jessica at Lovin’ Los Libros recently started! It’ll be a fun opportunity to feature a must read, must listen and a must see! The latter can have a wide scope — a must see blog post, exciting bookish discovery, fun picture, video, etc.

I thought the meme sounded like a lot of fun and decided to join in and you should too!

Must Read:

him cover

Him by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

In a month of subpar reads, Him was a breath of fresh air! I absolutely adored Jamie and Wes and thought their banter was hilarious, and their relationship adorable. And hockey! They’re both extremely hot hockey players too!

Must Listen:

Welcome to a continuation of my running playlist, haha. I swear I’ll switch it up soon but lately the only time I listen to music is when I run! Another fave on my running playlist is Timber by Pitbull and featuring Ke$ha! This was the first time I’d seen the music video though… and it’s kinda odd haha.

Must See:

Do you watch Dancing With the Stars? I love that show! It always makes me wish I could ballroom dance. Anyway, the newest season just started and my fave from last week was Nyle! He was the winner of America’s Next Top Model last year and he is also profoundly deaf which makes his dance that much more impressive. Watch his dance! Sooo good! (I also like that MMA girl and Von Miller, although Von has really gotta step up his dance game this week!) This video is the dance from Nyle’s first week which I loved!

That’s it for My Monday Musts this week! Feel free to join in the fun! Have you read my must read? And if you watch DWTS, tell me who your faves are!



5 responses to “The Monday Musts (8)

  1. Hi Wendy! These are great choices. I haven’t watched Dancing With The Stars in a while, but when you follow it from the beginning of a season, you get really invested in the outcome! I happen to love Pitbull! This may seem strange for a person like me (mom of four), but I think he sends out a very hopeful messege with his music. He just seems like a fun person you would want to know. Have a great week.

  2. I’ve been having a somewhat lackluster reading year so far. I’ve read some GREAT books, don’t get me wrong. But I have yet to read a 5-star one. So I know where you’re coming from there^^ and I’m glad that you managed to find a book to change that 🙂 I love Timber and Ke$ha in general when it comes to peppy, upbeat tunes! Great picks and have a lovely week ♥

  3. I’ve heard and seen nothing but amazing and wonderful things about Him so I finally ordered myself a copy last week and can’t wait to read it 🙂 and I love Timber, Pitbull and Ke$ha were so great together on this song! Happy Monday!

  4. Oh I keep hearing about this Nyle guy! I can’t wait to watch him dance! And yay HIM was a refreshing read for you! That makes me happy to hear because I loved Jamie and Wes! And yay for Pitbull and Ke$ha! I love that song!