TTT: Top Ten Books I Loved During The First Year I Started My Blog

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish!

This week we are talking about the top 10 books I loved during the first year I started blogging!

I started blogging in… 2013. That is forever ago! I can’t believe I’ve been a part of this amazing community for so long! I don’t post as frequently as I used to due to a full time job and working out, etc, but I still love reading, reviewing and joining in the book talk on twitter! I really couldn’t imagine NOT having this part of my life! Some of my very best friends are people I met through blogging so for that I am so so grateful!

Here are ten books I loved during that very first year of blogging! I think my tastes may have changed slightly since four years ago and sometimes I get nervous when I think about rereading — will I still love it the same??

1. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins:
Gosh I was so invested and loved it so much! But I really didn’t like the last book in the series… but still, doesn’t take away from the fact I did love this first book.

2. Divergent by Veronica Roth:
This must’ve been the year of all the dystopians! I really liked this one and oh gosh I loved Four so much. I waited to read the second until the third came out so I could binge it and then… well, I found out spoilers and then I was like NOPE.

3. Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout:
JLA was how I found out about blogging! I binge read the Lux series and her Covenant series AND Wait for You in a matter of weeks and loved it all!

4. Losing It by Cora Carmack:
This NA series made me love Cora! I’ve since read so many of her books!

5. Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo:
Oh gosh, I didn’t realize I read this so long ago! I think this is one series that holds up with time for me! Because Grisha is still one of my favorite fantasy series and I LOVE Leigh! I can’t believe I got to meet her in 2013 before her signings became so crazy, haha.

6. Pivot Point by Kasie West:
Oh my gosh I LOVED THIS BOOK. I stayed up until like 2 am to finish it. I need to reread this and read the second book already but I’m nervous about the second book for… reasons. And can you believe I still need to read more of Kasie West?!

7. Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead:
AHH this series! <3 I binge read most of this series in a hazy weekend and it sent me into the worst book hangover everrrr. I desperately want to reread this series sometime but this is one I’m crazy nervous about not loving as much!

8. Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry:
All the emotional stories and characters from Katie McGarry! Loved PtL and the other two in the series!

9. Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas:
Now, this is one I think I’ll stand by – I still say this is the best YA thriller I’ve read. SO TWISTY and caught me completely off guard. I recommend it to everyone!

10. Lucky Harbor series by Jill Shalvis:
I binge read like the first four books in this series in one go! I really want/need to read more in this series! (I have since read other series by Jill Shalvis!)

Looking back through these has made me so nostalgic actually and I want to reread / read more in series now! What are some of your top books you read when you started blogging?



9 responses to “TTT: Top Ten Books I Loved During The First Year I Started My Blog

  1. THG is probably one of those books I read in my early blogging days too. Ooo! Love seeing Kasie West on this list. I *finally* read one of her books this past winter, and haven’t stopped. Lovin’ all of her contemporaries, and still have to read this sci-fi duo. Glad you enjoyed book one. 🙂

  2. I recently read Dangerous Girls and it was so good! It made me so frustrated but in a good way. I loved Obsidian when I read it! I’ve read it twice now and I may reread the series again because I still haven’t read the last book 😅

  3. I LOVED Pushing the Limits when I first started blogging!! I didn’t read The Hunger Games until well after the first movie came out because I was avoiding the HYPE. But once I saw JLaw as Katniss, I knew I had to read that book. And I loved it! (But I still like the movies better). I tried to read Obsidian, but it reminded me of Twilight too much and I had to pass. I started blogging in 2012– and it really does feel like a LONG time ago!!

  4. Poinsettia

    Nice list! I know what you mean about being nervous to re-read books you loved. I feel the same way. I wonder, will the magic still be there? Fortunately, most of the time it is. Books mean different things to me at different points in my life, but they are always special. Here is my Top Ten Tuesday.

  5. Great list! This is making me feel very old, I can remember these books being brand new like it was yesterday. I hated the very end of Mockingjay, I really wasn’t a fan of the epilogue at all, but while the book as a whole did feel a little rushed I did really like how the series continued to get darker and more political with each installment. =)