2018: New Year, New Resolutions!

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Can you believe it’s the new year? 2017 was, well, ya know, lots of terrible things happened. However, let’s focus on the good as we start off a new year!

The good things: I became way more involved and actually voted in local elections, became more aware of things going on locally and nationally, and donated and supported important organizations and causes. My mom underwent some scary health problems but is recovering better than anyone could have predicted — we are SO thankful. I started planning for a trip of a lifetime with my husband — to somewhere I’ve wanted to go ever since I was 13 years old and watched The Fellowship of The Ring. I’ll give you ONE GUESS! I ran a lot of races and PRed a half marathon! My husband and I started hiking and backpacking quite a bit and it has been so great exploring the wonderful outdoors in the most beautiful place to live – LOVE the Pacific NW! I made a lot of progress in health and fitness goals – losing over 15 pounds and increasing my strength, especially upper body strength!


So there really were some great things that happened in 2017 and I’m excited as I look forward to the new year! Some people don’t like making resolutions because “they always get broken” or they don’t believe in them but I am a staunch supporter of resolutions! I mean, my whole running journey started because of a 2016 resolution to train for the Seahawks 12K! I tweeted on New Year’s Day of my 2018 goals and I am excited to check back in on them at the end of the year!

Goodreads goal: 120 books – lower than my 132 from this last year but that will give me more time for one of my other resolutions —

Blog more: Blogging consistently 1-2 times a week! Along with more discussions on the blog! I miss being more creative on here and being more involved reading other people’s blogs too and hope to increase that this year!

PR another half: I achieved a sub 2 hour half last year and so of course, it’s time to get faster, right? Haha. Time to beat one hour, 57 minutes!

Full marathon: Ummm yes so I signed up for the Rock n Roll Marathon in June — am I crazy? Possibly, yes, very much so. I have actually said in the past “I will never do a full marathon!” I don’t know what possessed me. The idea got in my head “what if…” and now I just want to see if I CAN. I love half marathons and I just want to do this once but the whole training process is already making me anxious. *chants to self* I can do this, I can do this…

V5: Bouldering routes are classified by difficulty in V categories from V0, V1, and up. V3-V4s are reaching into that intermediate category but I have never done a V5 route before. Something to work toward!

10 pull ups: I never thought I’d ever be able to even DO a pull up. I’ve never been able to! But I started doing assisted pull ups to help increase my strength for climbing and now I can do 4-5 consistently! Most I’ve ever done is 6 in a row so I’ll aim for 10! (This is harder than it sounds, after months I have only been able to get up to 6 once so… it sounds easier than it is!)

And there you go! A mix of books and fitness! Do you have any 2018 resolutions for blogging, reading or life? Leave me a comment and share what you plan for this year!



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  1. Go YOU being all exercisey and stuff!! I want to get back into hot-yoga (I’ve been slacking the last few months), but now I gotta wait until all the resolutioners fall off the wagon because I don’t like yoga-ing in CROWDED places.

    I wish I could read over 100 books in a year!! I am a SLOW reader I guess and am lucky if I get to 50-60 🙁 Good luck in all your goals and happy 2018 lovely friend!!

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