The Red Rising Saga Superlatives!

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Iron Gold was pushed back from Fall 2017 and at the time, that seemed like SO FAR AWAY. Well guess what. TODAY IS THAT DAY. Buckle up your seat belts, boyo, the ride continues!

In celebration of Iron Gold releasing today, Rebecca and I teamed up to do something fun for release day! We love this series and all its characters so much and thought it’d be fun to come up with yearbook style superlatives for the characters from the series! Check out her blog today as well to see who she picked for these superlatives!


Iron Gold is the first book in a spin off after the Red Rising trilogy, set 10 years after the events of the trilogy. With this spin off, the series is now known as the Red Rising Saga and seeing how the Red Rising trilogy is one of my ABSOLUTE FAVES, I couldn’t be more excited. The world and the characters Pierce Brown has brought to life is the best and if you haven’t experienced the epicness that is this series, you need to fix that and read this asap!

(That being said slight SPOILER WARNING for the Red Rising trilogy!)

Without further ado…

Best Hair:

Cassius au Bellona

Cassius is the clear winner here – he basically looks like a Greek god with curly, golden locks. He’s hot! Everyone wants to run their hands through his hair.

Biggest Class Clown:

Tactus au Rath

Tactus is that guy that’s always getting in trouble and pulling antics in class. He’s a troublemaker. He just wants that attention!

Most Athletic:

Aja au Grimmus

As much as I hate her… no one can deny she is an unstoppable force. She was Lorn au Arcos’ best student, the best at the Willow Way, scary effective with a razor, even her bare hands… so yeah, she takes the prize here of most athletic.

Most Likely to Succeed:


She has one of the most clever, intelligent minds, proficient in diplomacy, eloquent with words — she has all the skills to be a great leader.

Most Likely to be Arrested:

Sevro au Barca

Just picture it. Mustang and Darrow are on a long awaited date night, finally, they have a chance to relax just for a few hours and enjoy some time alone and Darrow gets a phone call.
“‘Lo, Reaper!”
“Sevro, why are you calling me.”
“Well… you see Reap, I, uh, was just initiating some new Howlers, and, well, shit escalated! Look, I can’t call Victra, she’d bloodydamn divorce my ass, just come get me, wave your slingBlade around and look scary and these pixies will let me go!”
I can totally see it.

Biggest Flirt:

Victra au Julii-Barca

Victra is the one sauntering down the halls and calling all the boys darling. She knows just what to say, do and act — to get what she wants, of course.

Most Friendly:


You’re the new kid in school? No worries, Pax is going to be there to greet you, invite you to eat with them during lunch and generally be the most friendly person ever. His size just hides the fact that he’s a big, lovable, teddy bear that deserves all the happiness in the world because he’s too precious for this world. (Excuse me while I go take a break and cry)

Best Bromance:

Sevro and Darrow 

This is a no brainer! There is no better bromance than howler #1 and howler #2! Their loyalty, banter, and dedication to each other make me so happy. Like I’m going to cry again right now.

Cutest Couple:

Leah and Roque

They were so adorable and cute and young and innocent!

Best Shoulder To Cry On:


He just seems like he would be the one with a word of wisdom, or just a listening ear and comforting shoulder for you when you’re feeling down.

Biggest Drama King/Queen:

Roque au Fabii

I love you Roque but… let’s admit it, he was a little bit dramatic with his flowery words and poetic quotes and the end with him on the bridge of his ship? Very accurate to who he was but at the same time — dramatic.

Most Likely to Brighten Your Day:

Kavax au Telemanus

He makes MY day every time he is in a scene. He is so optimistic, happy and believes in magic! He raised his children with love and caring and told Darrow he was one of them and he is just… the best. If you’re having a bad day? Kavax is going to turn it right around and lift your spirits! He’ll take you out for a drink or a fishing trip. He’s got your back!

And just for kicks, here’s a snapshot of me and Howler #1 two years ago on his Morning Star tour! Can’t wait for his signing this week!!!

Do you agree with my picks for these superlatives? Who would you have chosen instead? Check out who Rebecca picked over at Unbound Pages! 



4 responses to “The Red Rising Saga Superlatives!

  1. I love how similar our answers are. Seriously, we are awesome. Aja was such a good choice for most athletic. I didn’t even think of her probably because I try to block her from my mind at all times because I hate her so much. So true about Roque being a drama queen.

    I’m so happy we did this post together!! And I’m so excited to see you in THREE DAYS!!!!!

  2. This is like the BEST POST EVER because I literally JUST finished reading (well for the 2nd times😂) Golden Son!! So like I’m in major hangover mood (even though I knoooow what happens in Morning Star BUT STILL) and this post was perfect. 😍 Sevro x Darrow is the best bromance ever AND I love Cassius for best hair haha and definitely Sevro for most likely to be arrested. 😂 i’m so excited for Iron Gold!!

    • I can’t wait until you read Iron Gold and see your thoughts! I just finished it last night and am eager to chat with other people about it!