Gayle Forman Read Along – Sisters in Sanity (Week 2)

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I am participating in the Gayle Forman Read Along that is organized by Brittany from The Book Addict’s Guide! (Visit her blog for more info or if you want to sign up!) The first book in the Read Along will be Sisters in Sanity and is hosted by Judith at Paper Riot.

Week 2 Questions:

1. “I can’t think too much about how I got here, because when I do I feel like I’ve been betrayed by you, and that makes me feel worse than everything else that’s happened.” (p. 85) Brit says that she feels betrayed by her father. In which way would she feel betrayed by him? Do you think she should feel this way?

Absolutely! From what we’ve seen, it seems like they had a good relationship before and it seems as if his wife right now has a lot of say in what happens to Brit. Brit probably feels betrayed that he chose to go with his wife’s decision to send her away instead of trusting in the relationship that they had before. I mean, I would totally feel betrayed if that was me!

2. “Sooner or later, you’re going to have to talk about your mother, about the ways in which her nature mirrors your own.”(p. 117) When Clayton says this to Brit, Brit has a major freakout. Do you think Clayton was right to say this to Brit? Do you think she takes Brit’s mom’s illness seriously? Should she?

I feel like Clayton is just throwing that in Brit’s face. She knows that it’s a button to push with Brit and it just feel like that’s the reason she’s bringing it up. I mean, Brit’s mom has a legitimate disease and that shouldn’t be compared to whatever BS diagnosis they’re giving Brit. Sure, I do think that Brit has a similar nature to her mother strictly in the sense that they seem to be free spirits. But only in that sense.

3. “Crazy concept. Trusting your child.” (p. 126) Brit says this to V when they talk about how their parents trust the Red Rock instead of their own children. Do you think the parents of Red Rock girls are wrong not to trust them? Do you think it’s understandable that they trust these so-called professionals instead of their own child? Do you think all of the girls need to be locked away in a special “school”?

I just feel like why wouldn’t your parents listen and trust you?? Okay, sure teenagers may lie to their parents but I feel like if your child is telling you that they’re being mistreated, fed abominably, and are being forced to do manual labor, shouldn’t you listen? And at least become suspicious about the facility you’ve sent your child off to? I mean, these are major concerns! It’s not like a white lie of “oh I’m going to study with so-and-so” and instead go hang out. It’s something that’s having an impact on their well being! Sure, the parents may trust the “professionals” but they should at least have some kind of suspicions raised if your child starts to tell you how things are. I don’t think the girls need to be locked away at a special school, especially one like Red Rock. I think it’s just doing a lot of harm.

4. At the end of chapter 14, there’s a bit of a cliffhanger. Brit and the Sisters are trying to sneak her out to see Jed. Do you think this will work out? And do you think that Jed will actually want to see her?

Yes, I feel like it will work out because V has everything planned out so well! I mean, I guess getting caught could be a good plot point but I feel like we’re supposed to be seeing more of Jed now. Jed totally sounds like he wants to see her! I love that he writes. =) *swoon* love this guy already and we haven’t really even seen him yet.

5. Talking about Jed and Brit: do you think there is a future for them? From what we’ve seen from Jed, he keeps reminding Brit of Fireflies, but would they work as a real couple, or does Brit just have an innocent crush?

Wellll, there has to be some reciprocation because Jed does keep writing. And he seems like he’s got the weather description code down. =) He seems to care. Especially if he wants to see her now that they’re touring nearby!

I was a little late in reading this week (20 minutes till this goes to post!) but it works out because now I can dive right back in. This is definitely an addicting read!

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