Wendy’s Weekend Ramblings: My Other Great Love Besides Books

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I was struck by the idea of writing a post about my other great love. So, you ask, what IS my other great love? What else takes up almost as much time as I put into reading?


I am obsessed. There are few things that get me as riled up and passionate than football (books is the other). I will yell at my TV when the team I’m cheering for throws an interception or when the refs miss a call. I will hide my face in my hands when there’s 20 seconds left at the end of the 4th quarter and they have to move the ball down the field and try for a hail mary. My blood pressure literally spikes in those moments and I’m pretty sure the championship games last week were giving me heart palpitations.

Why do I love it?

I love the EMOTION the players have in these games. I love the PRIDE fans have for their team and their city. I love watching great, amazing plays where you sit back in awe and think, wow, now THAT was seriously amazing. Because these athletes are incredible!

Another thing that fuels my love of football even more? Fantasy football. I love it for the fact that it makes ALL games fun to watch. I mean, I want to watch the Seahawks games because they’re my team but what about say, the Browns? The Buccaneers? Usually I wouldn’t care if I watched them or not, but now that I have Vincent Jackson on my fantasy team? You can bet I’m going to watch the Bucs and root for him to get five hundred bazillion yards. It makes football Sundays that much MORE fun.

I am also a seriously competitive person. You play a board game with me and I lose? I’m going to want to play until I win. I love winning. And that makes me even more obsessive about fantasy football because you just want to beat your opponent so badly! So when you watch the games on Sunday, now you have multiple things to root for, not just your home team and that just adds about 10 more buckets of fun into the mix. I also love fantasy football for the trash talking. Yeah, I’ll admit, I have a trash talking problem. Anyone watched the show The League? (it’s freaking hilarious and on Netflix – go check it out) I secretly aspire to be just like Jenny – she can trash talk with the guys like nobody’s business. I may have pissed off all my school leaguemates after I wrote them a lovely message rubbing in their face the fact that I was their champion for the second year in a row. (I mean, seriously, they’re grown-ass men, they should be able to take it from a little 5’2 asian girl.)

But it was worth it. Because trash talking is a part of fantasy football and it’s amazingly fun. What’s the point of winning if you can’t talk about it?


Yes, Richard Sherman may be my soul mate. 

(For the record, I love that guy and America can shut up about him — for many reasons, but that’s not the point of this post. I will gladly share if you’re curious.)

So yes. The emotions. The fan pride. The nail biting moments. The incredible plays and awesome players and pure FUN of watching it. All of those plus ONE more reason… You know you like watching for the hot football players too.


I am not ashamed to admit Tom Brady is the sole reason I like watching Patriots games 
Peyton Manning, I love you, I do, but Eric Decker takes the spot of favorite Broncos player
Because he’s seriously hot
So hot that he needed three pictures. Why, no, I’m not obsessed, why do you ask?

Honorable mentions: Drew Brees, Danny Amendola, Russell Wilson, Dennis Pitta

So when I’m not reading, I can be found watching football, talking football or tinkering with my fantasy team. What do I do when football season is over? I wallow in depression because football is the best sport ever. Am I right?


Do you like watching football? Do you get as into it as I do or do you just like the food at Superbowl parties? Who are YOU rooting for in the Superbowl?





9 responses to “Wendy’s Weekend Ramblings: My Other Great Love Besides Books

  1. all the lolz. you make me laugh Wendy, love you! I’m just as crazy about football but not the american kind! 😉 Altho Seahawks are my team! I figure it’s only right!

  2. That picture of Peyton with the sleeveless shirt on that shows off his arms… Holy shit that is sexy!
    I have no interest in sports what so ever, but Boston has a lot of team pride and I am always surrounded in sports discussions and feeling left out. I grew up in NJ and NYC with a family that didn’t follow sports, then went to school in Delaware, and now live in Massachusetts so I never had team loyalty to keep me interested. I used to like college football because than I could root for UD, but not so much anymore. I wouldn’t mind watching games if I had a team to root for.

  3. Oh, I love me some football too! Next fall, we will have to go watch the games together at a sports bar and put all the men to shame! I’m not ashamed to admit that I do like watching for the hot men. I mean I love sports and I love getting into the game but Hot football players don’t hurt. Thanks for the man candy today 🙂

  4. I FREAKING LOVE FOOTBALL. College football is my passion (um yeah why I don’t know because I’m a Purdue girl and we are horrible) and I love pro football, too. I LOVE TOM BRADY. He’s so hot. I even forgive the fact that he went to MICHIGAN, he’s THAT HOT. Thank you for giving my boy DREW BREES a shout out, he’s such a great guy. And Eric Decker is fabulous swoonworthy. EXCELLENT CHOICES WENDY! And a fun post to read. 🙂

  5. Oh man, can you image the two of us at watching a game together!? LOL I do the same thing! I yell, scream, pull my hair… I use to do Fantasy Football too, but it’s been about 3 years since I have.

    I love the gifs, (I dislike Brady and the Patriots)

  6. This is a fun post! I also love football, but I’m a NCAA kind of girl myself. I will still watch the Superbowl and definitely make my salsa or cheese dip and have some fun with it.

    Peyton is definitely my boy. Not just because he’s a Tennessee alum, but because I just feel he is a really good, decent guy. And unlike quite a few others out there (who shall remain nameless because I don’t want to cause a stir), he is just respectful and an overall good guy.

    And hellooooo Eric Decker- why have I never seen your beautiful face before? Damn, as if I needed another reason to watch the Superbowl! I will be glued to the TV for this man alone! LOL.

    I can admit Tom Brady is a very attractive man, but damn, just like with Tim Tebow, I LOVE to see the mighty fall. Does that make me sadistic? *shrug*

    I don’t think he still plays NFL, but I absolutely LOVED Brodie Croyle. He was Alabama’s QB when I was in school and I seriously got tickets to go down to ‘Bama just to watch him play his last game against TN. LOL.

  7. Don’t yell at me, but I’m not a big football fan. I feel like I might have been one if I’d grown up longer here in the US. But sadly, that’s not the case! I consider it a minor achievement, however, that I do kind of understand the basics of the game now.