TTT: Top Ten Books I Want To Re-read!

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Okay, so it’s late and I’m throwing this together because I couldn’t NOT do this week’s top ten Tuesday! We’re talking about top books we want to re-read and there are SO many books I want to re-read!

Before I got back into YA and started reading and blogging again, I re-read my favorites a lot and I loved that. There’s something awesome about re-reading and coming back into a story you LOVE so much. It’s familiar and it’s like I can just settle and snuggle into something comforting I love. I haven’t been able to re-read really since I started blogging! It just seems like there’s SO many books and I barely have enough time to read as it is. However, I really want to dedicate myself to setting aside some time to re-read. Because I think it’ll make me happy. πŸ™‚

Without further ado… (and I’m sorry I’m not linking, trying to throw this together quickly!)

1. Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling: It doesn’t matter that I’ve reread these books so much growing up. It’s been like 7 years since I’ve last reread them which means I’m way past due to do so!

2. The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger: I’ve reread this a LOT… bawled my eyes out each time. But I love it. Claire and Henry… they have a special place in my heart!

3. Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead: I’m planning on binging the Bloodlines series (finally) in December and I almost want to reread the whole VA series too! So much love for that series!

4. Abhorsen trilogy by Garth Nix: With the release of Clariel, I want to reread the trilogy first! This was one of my first fantasy loves back when I was a kid. I can’t wait to reread it!

5. Pivot Point by Kasie West: I recently (FINALLY) bought Split Second and it’s been so long since I read Pivot Point! There were a lot of details in it that I want to be able to remember and I loved that one so much, too!

6. Covenant series by Jennifer Armentrout: I think that this is my favorite series from JLA. Considering the fact that I adore everything she writes and she’s written a TON of books, this is saying something. I really really want this whole series in physical form so I can re-read it. That’s it, this series is going on my Christmas wishlist. I just decided.

7. Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine: Umm this was one of my absolute favorite books as a kid. I reread this thing to death. Char, you guys, he may very well have been my very first boyfriend ever. Oh gosh, LOVE him.

8. Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas: I didn’t get to reread before Heir of Fire came out in Sept but I’ve already decided that I’m going to reread them all when TOG4 comes out next fall. I adore this series to death and I need the full effect! πŸ™‚

9. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen: Oh how I love this book! It doesn’t matter how many times I read it, I swear I love Lizzie and Mr. Darcy more each time. I also adore the BBC version of this — I totally need to do a rewatch of that too…

10. For some reason I can’t think of a 10th. But I’m really exhausted and wanting to sleep so I will leave it at that.

Tell me your favorites that you want to re-read! Now I want to desperately re-read this entire list. I need a Time Turner, stat!



6 responses to “TTT: Top Ten Books I Want To Re-read!

  1. AHHH Time Traveler’s Wife. How could that not have been on my list!! I really do want to reread that one. I read that before blogging when I was just getting back into reading again. THAT BOOK. I would also love to read Pride & Prejudice again. And I def plan on reading the whole Throne of Glass series again at some point since it is a six book series. We should have a massive readalong before the last book!!

  2. It doesn’t matter how many times I reread the HP series, I will always return and reread it some more β™₯ Throne of Glass is DEFINITELY one series I see myself rereading over and over again. I’m also planning to reread them all before ToG4 comes out πŸ˜€ I love the Covenant series – I’d only made it to book #3 but I recently read that one and now I need to resist the urge to plow through the rest! I can totally see rereading them all too. I still need to read Abhorsen and VA but I’m planning on getting to both soon. Awesome picks here Wendy ^^ x

  3. I definitely wish I had more time for re-reading too! But like you said, we already have so many books on our TBR piles and more just keep coming out. I usually just skim my favorite parts when I’m in the mood for a re-read.